Our History

Harold F. Murray – Founded Murrays Chauffeur Drive in 1936.

Harold and Pat Murray enjoyed the full fruits of life. They earned the contentment they enjoyed through their deep commitment to one another and to their family, through their loyalty to the church in which they were reared, and to the business created by Harry.
Married for just on 60 years, inseparable and mutually supportive, they epitomize what we all might aspire to. Pat created a marvelous home for Harry, and for their five daughters and three sons. She provided the springboard for Harry to pursue many interests in the wider arena.
Harry Murray founded his business in 1936, on its present head-office site. A man of intellectual capacity, vision and energy, he took a keen interest in every aspect of his business right to the end.
Neither the motor business nor the tourism industry has ever been an easy patch. Harry made a success of both. Full of ideas and drive, he was never content to take the easy option. Problems were faced squarely. To quote Harry: “Problems create opportunities. Success is built out of difficulties overcome. If you don’t get the difficulties, you don’t get the opportunities.”
His fundamental philosophy was that an entrepreneur is like an artist – he gets job satisfaction from expressing himself through his work in using his talent and flair. Harry was a visionary. Highly innovative, he proposed many daring initiatives in tourism. He was understandably impatient at the occasional reluctance of others in the industry to follow his lead.
Everybody in tourism knew Harry Murray and the debt they owed him. He thought big, and fought his battles on a national and international scale. He travelled the world on the tourism trail, being a familiar figure at the ASTA conventions in every part of the globe.
His energies were not confined to business. He was deeply involved in public affairs, particularly in the health area. He was an original member of the Heart Foundation and a major influence in the affairs of Jervis Street Drugs Advisory Centre, developed out of the old city centre hospital. For many years, he was an active volunteer of the St. Vincent de Paul Night Shelter.
Loyal and fair to friend and foe, Harry could be a prickly opponent, never tolerant of inaction or humbug – he would follow an issue relentlessly to achieve a result. He maintained this persistence to the end, settling some long standing issues in the last couple of months.
Harry and Pat lived life to the full. They deserved the great blessings which came their way. They grieved deeply for their beloved Paul. They thrived in the life force of their children, their children’s children and their children’s children’s children. They did it their way. They did it superbly. In January, they died peacefully within days of one another. They leave us much to ponder.

– The Irish Times – Wednesday, 22nd February 1995.


Today Murrays Chauffeur Drive is still going strong, in its third generation Murrays is now run by (husband and wife team) Justin and Sarah Jane Murray whose plan it is to grow the business and to maintain the superior level of chauffeur drive standards going forward into the future.
These standards that Murrays Chauffeur Drive have are down to our drivers and the fleet we have. Service, discretion and reliability are the most important part of our business.
“At Murrays we are always looking to build close relationships with our partners and so I would like to take this opportunity to add that your business is of the highest importance to us and we will endeavor to provide you with the pristine service that people have come to expect from Murrays Chauffeur Drive”.
– Justin Murray